3 Ways a Family Day Care Is Better Than a Child Care Centre

The holidays can seem even more stressful if you're working and your kids are out of school. Learn tips for choosing a child care centre for vacation care.

3 Ways a Family Day Care Is Better Than a Child Care Centre

3 Ways a Family Day Care Is Better Than a Child Care Centre

15 July 2021
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One of the massive changes that you have to face as a parent is transitioning from taking care of your infant at home and handing them over to a childcare facility. Most child care centres accommodate a large number of infants and toddlers. The state regulates the condition of the centres with a set of rules and qualifications. However, with the prevailing health challenges, you might want to go to a family daycare facility. Family daycare is a little different than the centre because you will take your child to a family setup and have someone care for them there. Here are four ways that a family daycare is preferable to a child care centre. 

Your Child Adjusts Faster

The child adjusts faster when taken into a home setting than when they need to transition into a school setting. It is easier for a child to adjust to a similar home environment than internalising the ups and downs of a school-like setting. Family daycare is, therefore, an easier transition, especially for infants and toddlers. Also, the setup has fewer children. The smaller circle of kids receiving care from one caregiver creates a positive and healthy attachment. 

You Get Flexible Hours

The daycare centres generally have a time limitation. They open at eight in the morning and close by six in the evening. You will need to rush in the morning to drop off the child and make it to work on time. You also have to rush in the evening, despite traffic and other limitations, to pick up your child. It can be extremely stressful when you have no one to help you out. But the family daycare is in a home setting. So you can make arrangements for them to watch the child longer when you are running late or when you have evening office parties and other engagements. 

The Environment Is Healthier

Transitioning from the home to another setup is challenging because of the health challenges that arise. For example, when your child is at home, you have complete control of the health and hygiene standards they experience. Once you take them to school, you cannot control who they interact with and their health. A family daycare involves fewer people and will promote better health. 

Choose a trusted and reliable daycare facility to enrol your child. They will help simplify the transition from your care to a new environment ahead of school.

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