Considerations When Choosing A Childcare Centre

The holidays can seem even more stressful if you're working and your kids are out of school. Learn tips for choosing a child care centre for vacation care.

Considerations When Choosing A Childcare Centre

Considerations When Choosing A Childcare Centre

21 June 2022
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Finding the right-fit childcare centre for your child can be a challenging task. In most cases, you will be worried about your child's welfare since you want them to have an unforgettable experience at the child care centre. This extract details what to look for when selecting a child care centre.


Is the centre safe for your child? Visit the facility impromptu and conduct a visual inspection. For example, the classes should be spacious enough with amenities such as AC systems to ensure the kid's comfort. Moreover, the public areas such as the hallways, dining facilities, and washrooms should not have risks such as slippery floors, frayed wiring, and sharp objects. Assess the facility's health and safety code. For instance, parents must declare whether their kids have infectious illnesses. Besides, the facility should take measures to ensure all kids are vaccinated against common diseases. Finally, the centre should have a fully-stocked health unit with a trained nurse. This way, you do not have to worry if your child suffers a bruise or an allergy.   

Child Care Program

The child care program determines the skills your child will learn at the centre. Typically, examine the following; 

  • How are the teachers trained to deliver the program? If possible, the teachers should undertake regular training to ensure they are competent to deliver the program.
  • Is the program certified by child welfare associations, government agencies, or international child care bodies? It is a guarantee that the program is tested and found successful.
  • What kind of activities do the children engage in? A play-based program is suitable since the kids do not get disinterested or fatigued when in class.
  • How do the trainers track the children's progress? Ideally, the program should comprise several assessments to gauge the learner's competence.  

Caregiver's Expertise

Examine the expertise of the caregivers and teachers at the facility. After all, you will leave them with your kids all day. Typically, the professionals should be experienced early childhood education practitioners. Suppose your kid has a disability or learning condition; inquire whether the caregivers have had any experience with similar kids. Moreover, examine their personalities to ensure they have the temperament and patience to deal with kids. It would also help if you interviewed other parents to inquire if their kids complain about the teachers and caregivers. Excellent reviews guarantee that your child will enjoy their experiences at the facility. 

When choosing a childcare centre, examine its safety, the child care program, and caregiver expertise. 

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