The holidays can seem even more stressful if you're working and your kids are out of school. Learn tips for choosing a child care centre for vacation care.


Tactics For Buidling Blocks Games To Help Enhance Speech Development For Your Child

17 June 2016
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Playing with building blocks with your child who has a delayed speech challenge enhances speech development and complements speech therapy. However, it's important to learn how you can enhance the experience for your child by using effective tactics that make the game more effective. Below are tips for building blocks games you can adopt to help you promote speech development for your child with speech delay. Building with Friends
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Finding a preschool for your developmentally disabled child

17 May 2016
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Every child develops along their own path. For children with a developmental disability, formal childcare and preschool can be a good way for parents to get some respite and a chance to pursue other aspects of their life including work. Quality childcare can be a boon for any child and can help them reach their full potential.  Here are some steps to follow as you search for a preschool to suit your child.
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Finding holiday child care

I wish I got enough annual leave to spend all of the school holidays with my kids, but unfortunately I don't. Luckily some of the local childcare centres run some really good vacation care programs to keep the little monkeys occupied and out of trouble while I'm at work. They have lots of excursions to fun places and they run some fun activities in the centre too so that the kids don't feel like they are missing out during the holidays. This blog has some tips on how to choose a childcare centre with a vacation care program the kids will enjoy.