The holidays can seem even more stressful if you're working and your kids are out of school. Learn tips for choosing a child care centre for vacation care.

How to Spark Curiosity and Raise a Little Scientist

27 June 2017
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Science has long been a big part of society, but as the world moves towards more and more advanced technology, increasing numbers of careers require scientific literacy. And, with any skill or area of knowledge, the earlier the start, the more of a grasp a child will have on it. Since everyone wants their children to have a great start in life and a bright future, you might be realising the importance of raising a little scientist.
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Deciding Which Type Of Registered Childcare Is Right For Your Young Ones

21 February 2017
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Hiring a registered childcare provider as a nanny or using a preschool or nursery staffed by registered care providers can be a tremendous boon to new parents, particularly those on limited incomes. Through this scheme, the government agrees to recoup some or all of your childcare costs by paying back a portion of the money you spend on childcare.  However, if you meet the eligibility requirements for these rebates, you will still have to decide what type of childcare to put your child or children into.
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Day Care First-Timer: Tips On How To Help Your Child Adapt To Child Care Easily

26 August 2016
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A child can have a hard time adapting to the new environment at a childcare centre. It's important that you help your child to adapt to the new environs by getting involved in the process of orientation. Below are some essential guidelines you can use to prepare your child for child care and make the transition from home to child care easier for your child. Start Preparing Early It's advisable that you start preparing your child early for day care, so that the child doesn't tense and refuse to start off the program.
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5 Tips for Getting a Night Nanny for Your Infant and Children

20 July 2016
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There are many childcare options today, including getting an overnight nanny if you're a parent that works on shift or just want someone to help you through the stressful first months of caring for a newborn. Night nannies can help to establish night-time structure in a child/children's lives and can ease the burden of caring for young ones, especially for working parents. A child's daytime and night-time needs are a little different, so these must be considered separately when getting a night-time caregiver.
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Getting into the garden with your kindergarten aged child

17 June 2016
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There is no coincidence that the term kindergarten translates as a children's garden. Children can learn many things through the garden which can help them to grow into children ready for the rigours of formal schooling. Children and carers both enjoy spending time in the garden and can get some great benefits. Here are some tips on gardening with your kindergartener. Be explicit in your instructions It can seem obvious when you ask your child to plant the seedlings two hands apart, or to remove any of the weeds between the plants.
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I wish I got enough annual leave to spend all of the school holidays with my kids, but unfortunately I don't. Luckily some of the local childcare centres run some really good vacation care programs to keep the little monkeys occupied and out of trouble while I'm at work. They have lots of excursions to fun places and they run some fun activities in the centre too so that the kids don't feel like they are missing out during the holidays. This blog has some tips on how to choose a childcare centre with a vacation care program the kids will enjoy.